Q: I'm not in the Copthorne Scouts or Guides but I am in another Scout Group. Can I still be in your Gang Show?

A: Sadly only members of the Copthorne Scouts & Guides can be in our Gang Show



Q: I am in the Copthorne Scouts & Guides and I want to be in the Gang Show. Do I have to audition?

A: No, There are no auditions to get into our Gang Show. Everyone who is a current member of Copthorne Scouts & Guides can be in it. However auditions, (called 'tryouts') are held for those wishing to have an additional part in the show, could be a solo part or another sketch with other sections. These will be held on Sunday 10th July and Sunday 17th July 2-5pm, please contact your section leader for more information.



Q: How can I buy tickets to see your Gang Show?

A: You can buy tickets to our next Gang Show by clicking on this link!