We need your help.


There have been times when we have heard such comments as-

"I didn't think you needed help, you seem to have it all organised",


"The team seemed so well established, I didn't know how to join in",


"I didn't know how to help"


All understandable, as from the outside it may well appear that everything is running smoothly - we at least try and give that impression! But we really need help.


The Stage Crew/Scenery Building/ Props Making Teams

Only DIY skills and ability to laugh needed. Carpenters, mechanical/electrical engineers, weightlifters or artists, are all needed, we can use all those skills and more. We even need people to make cups of tea for the workers.


Costume Making

If you can thread a needle and enjoy a good natter we need you. There are masses of costumes to make or modify for each show. There are also a range of different costume tasks other than sewing such as finding costume inspirations, sourcing materials and sticking things together!


The Dressing & Make Up Team

Requires only the skills of an average parent - clearing up after the kids! making sure they know where their clothes are, and what they have to wear next! We can train you in stage make up if interested.



So please, if you are able to help with any of the above please fill out the form below, any time or support you can give is really appreciated.