• Gang Shows were devised and initially produced by composer, song writer Ralph Reader as variety shows for Scouts. His London Gang Show was held annually from 1932 to 1976 and became a showcase for Scouting. These shows were televised through the fifties and early sixties. They became internationally famous and Scouts from other cities throughout the world started producing shows which they continue to do today.
  • Copthorne produced its first Gang Show at the village hall in 1958 with the assistance of one of Ralph Readers own Gang Show team.
  • Copthorne Guides were invited to join the Scouts in the shows in 1966.
  • Copthorne Silver Band have provided musical accompaniment to the shows since 1974.
  • Copthorne Gang Shows became a regular feature and a spin off around 1970 was the formation of 'The Baden Powell Players' now known as 'The Copthorne Players' They are no longer connected to Scouting or Guiding but they continue to produce excellent performances regularly.
  • In 1991 the Copthorne Gang Show held its first show at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley with a cast of over 200 youngsters, The first 'Gang Show at the Hawth'
  • Thousands of young people and leaders have taken part in the bi-annual shows, for many it is their first venture into the world of entertainment and various aspects of theatre.
  • The show attracts audiences of not only parents and friends but also groups and individuals from all around the county.

In 2011 the Copthorne Gang Show was officially recognised by the National Scout Association as being of a standard that equalled our city counterparts and were awarded Gang Show Recognition which enables us to use the Gang Show insignia introduced by Ralph Reader which you will see in our badge in the header of our website.

Here are the programmes from many of our past productions.

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Gang Show 2019

Gang Show 2016

Gang Show 2014

Gang Show 2011

Gang Show 2009

Gang Show 2007

Gang Show 2005

Gang Show 2002

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Gang Show 1996

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Gang Show 1991